Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time Skills Management

A lot of people put aside what they are supposed to do. They normally blame it on inadequate time. However this is the same time that people use to complete the same tasks.

Time skills management will better aid your cause in managing your time appropriately.

A common misconception is that the internet provides us with all the detailed information we need. This is so as it has grown alongside us. We have come to absolutely rely on it instead of looking for books that truly details in what we want.

Procrastinating can prevent you from achieving a lot of things. They are easy to find tools on the net that will aid you from being drawn to procrastinate. A simple search in Google for ways to prevent procrastinating will bring a lot of options that you can select from.

If you however want detailed information then you had better try a time management book that explores a much more vivid approach on the issue.

Relaxing on your couch and reading can be fun. Books on provide this option easily because they are portable. You can therefore enjoy reading your time management book in a relaxed condition in the comfort of your home.

Books nowadays do not come in paperbacks along. You can find other options and download it onto your iPad, Kindle, iPhone and or any other electronic e-book capable device. This will be very useful if you don't prefer the normal paperbacks.

A good book that will aid your course in learning to keep time and avoid procrastinating is Barbara Shear's Refuse to Choose!: Use All of Your Interest, Passions, and Hobbies to Create the Life and Career of Your Dreams. This book is a New York Times bestseller. The author is also very famous for her ability to aid people in gaining their dreams.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Develop Effective Time Management Skills With These 5 Simple Steps

Everyone wants to master the art of effective time management. Trust me: you can acquire such abilities as long as you can follow some simple skills. They are just five, it's not a big deal. You are going to start from the very basics and continue to progress with time. You will become an expert if you are disciplined. Prepare a to do list before you even think about starting your tasks. Organize your list in order of importance: the most important things first.

Estimate how much time you are going to devote developing each of the tasks in your list. Using an activity log seems to be a very good strategy. This will allow you to measure your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing time. with time your strengths will be much prominent than your weaknesses. You also will learn how to set priority tasks

Procrastination is your enemy here. Learn how to avoid it at all costs. Among all effective time management skills, this is probably the most important to master. The main reasons for procrastination are fear of failure or lack of inspiration. As soon as you identify the reason why you are procrastinating you are one step ahead to overcome the problem. Reward yourself everytime you complete a tasks. Besides, try and turn fear into a powerful weapon. Just think about the consequences of not doing the tasks you have to do and probably you will feel fearful for not doing them.

Learn to motivate yourself and you will learn to manage your time effectively. Motivation should come from inside you not from other people. Find out what is that motivates you and keep thinking of it! You will be able to finish tasks even if you have very strict deadlines.

Stress management is another skill you may want to develop. Believe it or not, it can bring you problems in your personal and professional life. Keep calm, take deep breaths every time that things are not going smoothly. Think about that thing that motivates you a lot. Sometimes it is advisable to allow flexibility in your schedule. Don't be so strict and take small breaks to breath, drink water or stretch.

Organize your personal life. If you learn how to do this you can learn how to manage your time in no time! Devote time for yourself. There is always time and space in everyone's life to develope the skills of effective stress management and self motivation.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Management Skills for Students

Whether you are a college or university student, being able to manage your time is a skill that can help you deal with your academic life. You probably not only have to deal with your class schedule, but extra curricular activities such as sports or music, a full or part time job as well as looking after your residence.

All these different areas can add a lot of stress to your busy life and without a proper schedule your situation can get out of control and you end up missing classes or not getting to work on time.

Putting together a time management system that works for you is vital. Being able to plan your life now while you are in school will give you an opportunity to have your life better organized so that when you get out in the job market you will have this skill mastered.

Here are some time tested principles for managing your time well:

* Avoid procrastination by identifying where you waste time that take you away from the project you need to take care of or complete.
* Use a calendar with large squares for each day to keep track of all your important dates from birthdays to social events as well as your class schedule.
* In order to complete your projects or homework on time, set a realistic deadline and write it down so you can stay on track.
* Figure out when you are most productive during the day. This will be the time you spend for studying or doing projects that will require a higher level of energy.
* Learn to say no when it will take you away from your priorities. Just because some one asks you do something doesn't mean you have to comply.
* Make sure you find time to relax. Certainly your classes and studying should be a priority but taking time out with friends is a great way to recharge your batteries.
* Also, remember to get enough sleep. Studies show that getting enough sleep helps us with better memory and focus and both are required if you are going to pass your exams.
* If you have a large project or assignment, break it down into a smaller more manageable size. By breaking a large project down in to smaller segments of time with breaks in between you will be able to stay focused more easily and not burn yourself out trying to complete a large project all at once.
* Use your breaks between classes wisely. You can always find a quiet place to study for a few hours or even take a break so you can refocus your energy.

Keep in mind that a good time management system should be flexible. Situations can change and you need to be able to readjust your schedule if you take on new obligations or you end up taking more time than you thought to complete a project or assignment.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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